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BG Soap and Honey

Gift Package- Gift Box- Raw Honey- Soap- Beeswax Candle - Lip Balm- Gift Set

Gift Package- Gift Box- Raw Honey- Soap- Beeswax Candle - Lip Balm- Gift Set

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If you love all-natural products or if you know someone who does, this gift package is for you!

Featuring 1lb raw wildflower honey in a reusable glass container, one 4oz bar of natural soap (with a random in-stock scent, unless specified), one 7oz beeswax/soy blend candle in a glass container, and one beeswax lip balm (with a random in-stock scent, unless specified).

All of our honey is raw unfiltered wildflower honey. The bees have gathered nectar from wildflowers that are in season. Our honey is never pasteurized or high pressure filtered, it retains all the trace vitamins, minerals, enzymes, flavors and aromas of fresh raw honey.

We use the hot process of soap making. Mixing a blend of high quality oils and butters, lye, beeswax and finishing the bars with a drizzle of honey. Beeswax in the bar makes a hard bar of soap that if kept dry will last a long time. Honey is a natural humectant and draws moisture to your skin. The soap bars are very moisturizing, cleansing and lather really well with large, luxurious bubbles.

Our container candles feature a blend of pure beeswax and soy. Beeswax purifies the air while it is burning and burns brighter than other types of candles. The beeswax is harvested from the cappings from our own hives. You can choose an unscented candle, featuring the sweet natural aroma of honey and beeswax, or you can choose an in-stock container candle scent.

Our lip balms are all-natural. They are creamy and apply with a sheer colorless finish. Our farm-fresh beeswax ensures a long lasting wear so that your lips will be smooth and silky for hours on end.

Materials: beeswax candle, natural lip balm, natural soap, raw pure honey

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