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Creamed Honey Gift Box - Creamed Honey Sampler- Infused Honey

Creamed Honey Gift Box - Creamed Honey Sampler- Infused Honey

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A delicious honey variety gift package for the honey lover in your life. This box features four creamed honey choices:

Raw Wildflower Honey (liquid)
Creamed Honey
Cinnamon Creamed Honey
Strawberry Creamed Honey
Chocolate Creamed a Honey
Maple Creamed Honey
Vanilla Creamed Honey
Lavender Infused Honey

Choose 4 to be included in your box. You can leave your choices in the personalization. If you don't choose we will randomly choose the 4 for you. Each of the 4 creamed honey come in a 3.5oz glass jars.

Raw Wildflower Honey is liquid honey that has been extracted in that season. It retains all the nutrients, enzymes, minerals, antibacterial properties that honey is known for.

Creamed honey is raw wildflower honey just creamy and spreadable

Strawberry Creamed Honey has added fresh strawberries to the creamed honey

Cinnamon creamed honey has cinnamon added to the creamed honey

Chocolate Creamed honey has cocoa added to the honey along with semi sweet chocolate pieces added into the honey

Vanilla Creamed honey has pieces of Madagascar Vanilla beans in the creamed honey. It will look flecked with vanilla

Materials: semi sweet chocolate,cocoa,blueberries,cinnamon,strawberries,raw wildflower honey
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