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Bee Pollen- Raw 3oz Container

Bee Pollen- Raw 3oz Container

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This is raw bee pollen. What do you do with bee pollen? You can eat it! Pollen is a natural supplement, an energy booster, as well as to combat allergies from seasonal local pollens. You can mix a spoonful of honey with the pollen and take a teaspoon full each morning. Others like to sprinkle it on their cereal, put it in smoothies, in yogurt or just eat it plain. It has a chalky consistency, but the flavor is more herbal. The taste and colors of pollen change throughout the season as the flowers in bloom change. For this reason each jar will vary slightly in color, flavor, and texture.

It is important to eat small doses at first ( as small as one grain), as those with tree or flower pollen allergies may also have an allergic reaction to eating bee pollen. Start with a few grains and build up to a larger amount as your body gets used to bee pollen.

I am not a doctor just a beekeeper. Use with caution. If you develop an allergic reaction discontinue use immediately. Always consult a doctor before use.

Materials: bee pollen
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