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BG Soap and Honey

Banana Mint Bar Soap- with honey and beeswax - Palm Free Soap

Banana Mint Bar Soap- with honey and beeswax - Palm Free Soap

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Banana Mint Bar Soap smells like peppermint with a hint of banana. This soap also has Brazilian yellow clay in the bar to help remove impurities from the skin and peppermint leaves to help promote a purifying astringent that opens and deeply cleans pores from the skin.

4oz hand cut bar

Our soaps are made using the hot process method of soap making. Mixing a blend of oils, butters, spring water, lye, beeswax and finishing the bar with a drizzle of honey. The added honey is a natural humectant drawing moisture back into the skin making your skin feel soft and hydrated. The beeswax in the bar make the bars hard and long lasting but will lather up well with nice luxurious bubbles.

When trying new products always try a little on your skin first. If you have an adverse reaction discontinue immediately. I am not a doctor. I am not treating, curing or prescribing anything

Materials: banana fragrance,peppermint eo,peppermint leaves,yellow Brazilian cla,beeswax,honey,castor oil,sodium hydroxide,sweet almond oil,Shea butter,cocoa butter,olive oil,coconut oil
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